Railway Infrastructure Administration

Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization, was established on the 1st of January 2003, according to the Act No.77/2002 Coll. on Transformation of Czech Railways, state organization. It fulfils the role of a rail owner and provides operation and operability of the railway infrastructure.

Scope of operations of RIA

  • providing the operation of the railway infrastructure,
  • providing operability of the railway infrastructure,
  • providing the development and modernization of the railway infrastructure,
  • providing the maintenance and repair of the railway infrastructure,
  • preparation of documents related to public service obligations,
  • supervision of the railway infrastructure utilization, of the rail operation and operability.
Dates in History of RIA
1st January 2003 Date of incorporation
since 1st January 2004 Investment-engineering activities for railway projects
  (transfer of the construction rights from Czech Railways on RIA)
since 1st May 2004 Railway capacity allocation
since 1st July 2008 Operation of the railway infrastructure (planning and distributing timetables)
since 1st September 2011 Service and control of rail operation
  (RIA has becomed a fully-fledged manager of the railway infrastructure of the Czech Republic)
Length of tracks total 9 469 km
Length of electrified tracks 3 217 km
Length of standard gauge tracks 9 446 km
Length of narrow gauge tracks 23 km
Length of single-track tracks 7 541 km
Number of railroad switches 24 271
Number of bridges 6 735
Number of tunnels 158
Length of bridges total 150 945 m
Length of tunnels total 42 744 m
Number of railroad crossings 8 080

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