New member of GNSS Centre of Excellence

With pleasure we welcome EXACT Control System, a new associated member: EXACT Control System has since its establishment in 2007 fulfilled many technologically demanding contracts in the field of geodetic work in The Czech Republic, Scandinavia, across Europe and even Canada. Not dwelling on its successful past, innovators in EXACT Control System follow trends in geodesy and develop their ideas in their own research and development centre. One of the mentioned trends is the usage of GNSS technologies as a source of very accurate positioning information in geodesy.

EXACT Control System specializes in these areas:

  • Geodesy
  • Advanced data collection and processing
  • Engineering and investment activities
  • Building information modelling (BIM)
  • Robotization of road surface repairs
  • Mapping and documentation of buildings

EXACT Control System is a member of the international group EXACT (its founding dates back to 1954), represented in 6 countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Canada). EXACT employs 250 technical geodesy consultants, and has 21 000 000 € turnover which makes it the biggest geodesy company in northern Europe with extensive experience and leading position on the market of very precise measuring and information modelling. EXACT provides professional geodesy work for transport constructions, ranging from simple geodesy measuring to provision of advanced technologies.

GNSS Centre of Excellence team is looking for the joint cooperation in preparation of new projects in the field of usage GNSS as a source of accurate positioning information.

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