Another new member of GCE in 2019

There has been a great number of new associated members in 2019, last of them being OHB Czechspace Ltd.

OHB Czechspace Ltd is a new member of the OHB SE Group. It started its operational business in 2018. Located in Brno, OHB Czechspace provides services as a prime contractor and sub-contractor in the field of development and systems engineering for space applications.

In its first years, the company will predominantly provide services in the field of mechanical engineering, including design and analytical verification, procurement of related structural hardware, integration and mechanical testing. In the near future, OHB Czechspace aims to be responsible for the development and supply of large structural subsystems and intends to increase the scope of provided services for space applications.

We are proud to welcome OHB Czechspace to our growing family and we look forward to the great new opportunities which this association opens for both companies.

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