GCE´s activities presented on GSA website

One of the many common activities of GNSS Centre of Excellence and European GNSS Agency was presented on the official website of GSA, under the headline “AERO 2017 shows EGNOS benefits”. The article is focusing on presenting the activities introduced under the project CaBilAvi within the HORIZON2020 framework, which were introduced during the international Aero Friedrichshafen fair in Germany this April. GSA in cooperation with CaBilAvi project partners (GNSS Centre of Excellence, AMEZEN, UNIZA) were on a dedicated stand and throughout a series of conferences showcasing the benefits of EGNOS for aviation such as safer landings and wider accessibility to smaller airports, without the need to invest in expensive ground infrastructure or the observations regarding the impact of GNSS use on younger, inexperienced pilots as well as older, experienced pilots. Pavel Dobeš, leading the CaBilAvi consortium, confirmed that AERO gives him the opportunity to discuss with pilots and other aviation stakeholders about the experience and insights gained during the project and share information about the outcomes of the project, including new pilot training syllabus, educational material on GNSS for general aviation pilots or the project focusing on publishing of series of GNSS educational videos.

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