GCE co-authored article published in prestigious Inside GNSS magazine


The prestigious international magazine Inside GNSS with a huge reach in the professional GNSS community, has published an article in its latest print issue, on which the GNSS Centre of Excellence (GCE) collaborated with its member – the OHB. As an added cherry on top, the article was also printed on the cover of the issue. The results of our long-term work on GNSS interference research can now be shared even with the biggest experts in the satellite navigation industry and overall, the results will reach a wide range of people, which we are immensely pleased about.

The paper looks at the threat of intentional GNSS jamming in aviation and goes on to suggest ways to protect these aviation GNSS systems, whose failure could cause great damage, and also talks about ways to mitigate the impact of such attacks. The GNSS interference detector called GIDAS (GNSS Interference Detection & Analysis System) became the solution. The paper discusses its development and detection method, which was developed by the OHB Digital Solutions team, but also describes its testing and data collection in a real-world environment, which was undertaken by the GCE.

Thanks to the mutual cooperation, GCE team has had the privilege of loaning the GIDAS detector since January 2020. Since then, the detector has been tested both in one-off measurement experiments, for example on the test railway circuit in Velim or at Brno Airport, as well as in long-term measurement campaigns in the vicinity of critical infrastructure operators in the Czech Republic, such as Prague Airport, D1 highway or Ústí nad Labem ship lock at Střekov.

Prior to its publication in Inside GNSS, the article first appeared at the ION GNSS+ 2021 conference, after which it was published in the ION GNSS proceedings, and now, thanks to its publication in the popular Inside GNSS magazine, it will reach a new audience of readers. You can read the article in the magazine on this link. We extremely appreciate this opportunity to work with our partner OHB Digital Solutions to achieve this joint success, of which we are very proud.

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