GCE member of the EGITF Task Force

GNSS Centre of Excellence was appointed by the ministry of transport into EU GNSS Interference Task Force (EGITF). EGIFT is an expert working group formed by EU aiming to support activities decreasing the risk of GNSS disruption & GNSS vulnerability in the context of the development of European programs EGNOS and Galileo. The group consists of representatives of the European Commission, member states of the EU, Norway and Switzerland.

Working group has three main objectives:

  • In coordination with local authorities to evaluate events of GNSS disruption & GNSS vulnerability and propose solutions.
  • To share experience and test procedures of GNSS disruption prevention in the regulatory, legal, technical and operational framework and to increase awareness.
  • Advise European GNSS Programmes Committee and GNSS Security Board on the conceptual, legal and technical level.

The group focuses mainly on intentional GNSS disruption which is what GCE deals with in projects like GNSS disruption detection – Detector and in other projects in-preparation. Thanks to its knowledge GCE can actively participate in groups activities, well represent the Czech Republic and support the inclusion of Czech businesses in future European projects.

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