GSA’s January workshops for H2020

On the 13th and 14th January, two workshops were held at the GSA that coped with the challenges in the European Horizon 2020 framework programme. GNSS Centre of Excellence attended both of them, because the first one focused on project management for the coordinators of the winning projects from the first round of calls and the second one focused on the changes and information with accordance to the current open call.

At the meeting of the coordinators with the GSA, important information was proposed so the principles of the cooperation within the consortiums could be set. This information was needed for the CaBilAvi Kick-Off Meeting.

Workshop concerning the second round of calls provided excellent information for a potential Czech participation in GNSS projects. GNSS Centre of Excellence is ready to help and support every entity from the Czech Republic (or any other country) with preparation of such project. More information about this workshop can be found in GCE newsletter 1/2015


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