Participation at „Increasing Safety and Quality in Civil Aviation Conference“

14th annual international scientific conference, organized by the Air Transport Department and the Air Training and Education Centre of University of Žilina in Žilina under patronage of European project named “VEGA 1/0838/13- THE BASIC RESEARCH OF CHARGES POLICY AT THE SPECIFIC MARKET OF AIRPORT SERVICES”, took place on 27th – 29th of January, 2016, in university camp Zuberec, Slovakia.

The conference themes:

  • operation and economy of air transport
  • education and training of aviation personal
  • aircrafts
  • Air traffic control
  • Airports

Mr. Tomas Duša, aviation expert of GCE presented paper EGNOS and his actors, while Mr. Frantisek Jun from University of Žilina shared with international participants information about CaBilAvi project and its progress.

The conference was an excellent opportunity for many official as well as unofficial meetings with key personalities from authorities or business entities involved in civil aviation especially in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

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