The GNSS Centre of Excellence is expanding its ranks

The Managing Board of GNSS Centre of Excellence decided to accept the Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (VUS) as an associated member of the GNSS Centre of Excellence at the GCEs meeting on 19 December 2019.

VUS, a non-profit organization, is a leading R&D centre for electronic communication and postal services in Slovakia. VUS performs project-based activities in selected areas of electronic communication and postal services. Using well-equipped accredited laboratories, VUS provides testing and special measurements for various customers including metrology services.

VUS is a prominent research institution involved in performing key activities for bodies of public administration and regulation in the sector of electronic communication. VUS develops methodologies, analysis, studies and provides consulting services.

VUS wants to embody the function of a professional and an educational workplace in the field of GNSS signals in Slovakia, operating on a commercial basis.

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