Services of the Centre

The GNSS Centre of Excellence provides a range of services to its founding and associate members and other industry partners, including:

  • General GNSS consultancy
  • GNSS training
  • Internships or thesis topics for university students
  • Support for innovative startups using GNSS
  • Sharing the latest knowledge, trends and visions in GNSS – GCE LinkedIn
  • Regular updates on relevant activities – GCE News and GCE Newsletter
  • Organisation of professional seminars and workshops
  • Awareness on GNSS vulnerability and interference (jamming and spoofing)
  • GNSS dependency assessment
  • Interference vulnerability testing of GNSS applications
  • Implementation of resilient tools to increase protection against GNSS interference
  • GNSS product performance testing and evaluation
  • Support in certification
  • Identification of user needs and suggestions for new GNSS applications and product
  • Consulting in grants, support programmes, and preparation and submission of project proposals
  • Ensuring communication with governmental entities and administrative of project proposals
  • Support in finding suitable partners, necessary knowhow, and consortium building
  • Assisting in project management in various support programmes
  • Requirements management in product and application development
  • Supporting our members in marketing, sales and product implementation


GNSS Centre of Excellence is primarly active in following seven domains:    

Projects & cooperation

GNSS Centre of Excellence was and is actively involved in various projects of different financing schemes and in cooperation with public institutions and state companies:  

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