About us

Project Introduction

The need for strengthening activities of the Czech Republic in the developing, testing, and deploying GNSS applications. Cooperation among the major spheres of transport (air, rail, road, inland waterways) and industry.

  • Common and broad expert background
  • Providing ideas of new systems to industrial partners
  • Centralization of ongoing nationalwide activities
  • Initiation of new activities and projects
  • Use of local test platforms: operating area of the Vaclav Havel’s Airport Prague, Test Centre VUZ Velim

The objectives of GNSS Centre

  • To promote development of GNSS applications in the Czech Republic via the cooperation with the Prague Airport, the Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, the Czech Railways, and other entities (industry, R&D) in the transportation domain
  • To promote the image of the members of the association as innovative companies that develop and use modern technologies
  • To accelerate the development and deployment of applications using GALILEO and EGNOS
  • To support the activities of the EUSPA agency in Prague

 The Team

  • Ing. Tomáš Duša, Ph.D. – Director
  • Ing. Kamil Slavík  – Executive Officer
  • Ing. Jakub Steiner – GNSS specialist
  • Bc. Jan Slezáček - intern

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