Air Navigation Services

Applications for Flight Operations and Air Traffic Control

A key task of ŘLP ČR, S. P. (hereinafter ANSP) is to ensure safe environment for air traffic in the dynamically developing civil aviation domain and the variable conditions of international air transport. In accordance with the law and international civil aviation standards, Prague Ruzyne, Brno-Turany, Ostrava and Karlovy Vary provide public air traffic services to users of airspace of the Czech republic. Other airports provide services on a commercial basis. The ANSP provides air navigation service to czech airspace users as well as users of Prague Ruzyne, Brno-Turany, Ostrava and Karlovy Vary airports. The ANSP provides services on other airports on a commercial basis. In addition to the provision of air navigation services, the ANSP also provides additional services e.g. air traffic flow management, airspace management, search and rescue and aeronautical information services. All this is conducted at a high professional level of safety and quality. Last but not least it ensures adequate operations in terms of efficiency and profitability and maintenance of ATM infrastructure.  

  • Design and publication GNSS approach procedures
  • Assistance in testing new applications using Galileo pseudo-satellites
  • Flight validation of GNSS approach procedures
  • Ground and flight validation of the GNSS signal

Czech ANSP

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