Czech Railways

Applications in railway transport

Czech Railways (hereinafter CD) is a state transport company operating passenger and freight railway transportation. Czech Railways provide regional, long-distance and international rail passenger services and comprehensive rail freight services throughout the Europe. It also provides telematic services to railway transportation and railway infrastructure managers and comprehensive repair services for railway vehicles. Czech Railways is a joint stock company with the 100% state ownership. The CD is the main national railway carrier in the Czech Republic with a long tradition. The CD serves services to up to 166 million passengers a year and narrates more than 7,500 passenger trains daily that transport over 450,000 passengers a day. This amount represents more than 99% market share of rail transport in the country. ČD Cargo, Inc. transports nearly 80 million tons of goods per year holding the 85% market share of the rail freight market in the country.

  • Control systems for traffic management, monitoring the movement of trains
  • Energetic and fuel efficiency applications
  • Applications for logistic (tracking objects on railway lines – engines, railway vehicles, containers, parcels etc.)
  • Information systems
  • Signalling and control systems
  • Diagnostic systems
  • Rescue systems (search and rescue, emergency communications, etc.)
  • Testing GNSS applications in ZC VUZ Velim *
* According to the agreed memorandum and mission of the GNSS Centre of Excellence, Test Centre VUZ Velim is intended as a testing centre for railway applications of global navigation satellite systems.


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