Asociated Membership

On 14th of October 2013 was held the board meeting of GNSS Centre of Excellence, where have been approved conditions for Associate Membership. At this meeting were discussed materials, which were unanimously approved by the Board. The output of the board meeting are two documents: Information leaflet and Application form. The first document contains information about the association and also serves as a guide for completing of the second document, which is the actual application. Companies or research organizations that are interested in closer cooperation with GCE, can become a member and benefit from the from the advantages that membership offers. The Management Board approved the possibility of membership in three levels: a member of the association, associated member and member in the category of non-profit organizations. For companies and institutions that are interested in membership of GNSS Centre of Excellence, will both of these documents will be soon available on the official website, both in the Czech and in the English version.    

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