Business breakfast meeting on the theme: Ensuring safety of the rail transport with the use of GNSS

On the 25th of June 2014, second event from the new concept of the Breakfast meetings with the GNSS Centre of Excellence was held. The main topic of this event was Ensuring safety of the rail transport with the use of GNSS. At the seat of the hosting institution – the Technology Centre ASCR, more than 20 experts on the rail transport encountered. The event was hosted by Ing. Kamil Slavík and 7 points were discussed. The main ones were: introduction of the GCE and Horizon 2020 with accent on the importance of the project contribution to the rail transport. Furthermore, contemporary use of the GNSS at the rail transport, needs of the RIA and activities of the CTU Faculty of Transportation Sciences and presentation of the experience with the realization of the first phase of the project LeCross were on the programme too.  

Last of all, a panel discussion was held. It was summed up by the chairperson - Mgr. Pavel Dobeš:

"From the historical reasons, it is obvious that the operators of the rail should define requirements for a rail access and the attributes of the railway vehicle equipment. Mounting intelligent systems on vehicles is more effective, beneficial and it seems it is even cheaper than to equip the infrastructure with such systems. For a successful implementation, another cooperative agreement is needed between all involved sides and moreover, a harmonious approach in a relation to Europe – Czech Republic under the aegis of the Ministry of Transport is needed."

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