Cirrus Safety Days 2018

Regular instructor seminar and a review training for pilots Cirrus Safety Days 2018 took place on 22. – 23.2. in the premises of CATC, this seminar was open both to professional pilots of Cirrus Aircraft Management s.r.o. as well as to public.

This year brought many interesting guests such as Keith Smith, Miloš Kvapil, MUDr. David Melechovský, Aleš Kurka, Dobroslav Chrobák a Katarína Hlavačková. Tomáš Duša, representing GCE, attended with a presentation dedicated to an issue of GNSS, in which he summarized the progress in EGNOS program and satellite system Galileo, afterwards he answered the most emerging questions regarding EGNOS and Galileo itself and their benefits for civil aviation.

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